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June 2003--new KUDZU pages.

April 2003-- MANY new WAKE additions; new Remembering Atlanta Radio pages which combine new additions with some older material.  Further revision to About Wakeatlanta page.  I'm working to give this site a more cohesive look and will be doing cosmetics on the older pages over time.  Before long, the first of the many new WAKE station pages should be up, and the current material in that section will be reworked and integrated with lots of accumulated information and images.

January 2003--new About Wakeatlanta page which combines two older pages--with modification and additions; modifications to About Trading; substantial new additions to aircheck collection; link to Steve's Road Stories, etc. on the Table of Contents page--(this is a section I maintain at my business site; it includes various musings and is not updated frequently; my next topic there will probably be weather-related stories).  Added link on the
WKIX page
to the KIX Men of Music Alumni Association site (maintained by Larry Gardner).

August 2002-- New WFOM"splash page".

April  2002--Added a few WPLO jingles; added WQXI "splash page" and jingles; added
"splash page". 

March 2002--"The Radio Generation and the Origin of Top 40" :  Bud Connell's perspective and remembrance of Top 40 Radio--its early days and the cultural times in which it flourished, and its demise--very interesting, very informative, very pertinent.  Additional commentary at the "Remembering Greensboro" page.  Updated Pepper Festival.    

January 2002--aircheck/jingles collection updates

December 2001--Added a few WAKE jingle sound clips (PAMS Series 9); Russell and I are running a little behind with The Brennan Pages...but SOON!..For traders, video lists are now online; new and updated jingles list now online; also, I can now copy airchecks, jingles, and other audio to CD.

July 2001--Announcing:  a sneak preview link to Our Radio Show, as created by Bob Whitney and Bob Todd.  You'll want to bookmark the site and check back often to view this work in progress before it "goes public" later on.  Our Radio Show is an exciting and very important contribution to the annals of Top-40 Radio history.

June 2001--Announcing:  The soon-to-come Brennan Link which details the histories of the Brennan Family stations (WAPE Jacksonville, WFLI Chattanooga, WBAM Montgomery, and  WVOK Birmingham).  The Brennan pages will be featured at my friend Russell Wells'  website.  I am happy to contribute to this project all the resource material I have collected (and everything my own mind remembers as a listener) about some of these stations, as it just makes sense to have it all in one spot rather than spread over two different websites.  Stay tuned! 

March 2001--4 new pages for WJDX-fm/WZZQ, Jackson, MS, including a tribute to David Adcock.  More will be forthcoming.  First short page about The Kudzu, Jackson's famous "underground newspaper".
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