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(updates to some original entries are included below
27 May 2003--Alex Bowab (with help from Gene Knight) is holding an auction to benefit Uncle Ricky's Top 40 Radio Repository.  There are 450+ bumper stickers from the 80's included in the auction, and all will go in one lot.  But hurry!  This e-bay auction ends June 4, 2003. 
  (cut and paste this URL).
10 May 2003--John Long has spent many hours to bring us an updated version of
"Puttin' on the Hits"
by giving his site a total makeover; many very interesting images have been incorporated within updated text. This work is an important contribution to the history of radio and is told from John's insider experiences.
18 November 2002--The very first inductions into the newly established Texas Radio Hall of Fame took place in Fort Worth on October 26th.  I am fortunate to have been there and to have met some of the Great Legends of radio.  Larry Shannon and the Founding Board of Directors gave everyone there the gift of an unforgettable magic evening.  Please visit
for some interesting and informative reading.
24 December 2001--Paul Lepri has published a book entitled Rocking Radio: 
Recollections of Sounds That Made the Top 40 Airwaves.
  The author's description: 
"The book focuses on the sounds that I remember listening to on Top 40 Radio--the music, the deejays, the jingles, the promos, the news sounders, etc.  Areas covered in the book include:  1) the early pioneers of Top 40 Radio;  2) rivalries that existed among Top 40 stations; 3) the impact of Elvis Presley and the Beatles on Top 40 radio; 4) Boss Radio; and 5) how FM alternative programming affected AM Top 40 stations. There is also a chapter in which I recollect some of my personal memories as a college deejay in the mid-70's."  
This is not a large book at 75 pages; however, it offers an excellent capsule history.  Though much of the writing is focused on the Connecticut/New York area, I think Paul has captured many truths universal to radio of the period in general; the work is well-documented and pulls from a large bibliography.  The book makes for interesting and informative reading.  Rocking Radio is self-published--8-1/2 X 11 inches, pages contained within a spiral cover.  The cost is $11.00 per copy,and that includes the shipping.  Please direct all inquiries to the author, Paul Lepri, at
[email protected]
01 October 2001--KXOL Reunion will take place October 17, 2001 in Fort Worth.  Please visit John Lewis' tribute site at www.kxol1360.com for the lowdown and a detailed look at the history of this legendary station.  If YOU are a missing alumnus, please report in! 
(12/24/2001--Reports are that a good time was had by all!  See the reunion pictures online now).
01 October 2001--KNOW Reunion will take place February 16, 2002 in Austin.  Please visit the reunion website at www.knowreunion.com for details and lots of interesting tidbits about the station and the people who made it great. If YOU are a missing alumnus, please report in!  (12/24/01--an enormous amount of information has been added to the reunion website, including lots of sound clips).  (4/10/02--reunion pictures now online).
21 August 2001--The Third WKIX Reunion will take place the weekend of September 21, 22, 23 in Raleigh, NC.  Walter Knox has put up a website with all the details; also included are pictures and short bios of many of the famous KIX Men of Music, as well as lots of sound-bytes (jingles and airchecks).  Visit www.videoonline.com/reunion.  And if you are a missing KIX Alumnus, please be in touch with the Alumni Association as soon as possible!

All fans and friends of WKIX and its staff are invited to attend the Friday night gala (there's a small admission charge) and re-kindle their memories of this great legendary giant of a radio station.  Come join in the FUN.  WPTF 680 has loaned its 50,000 watt AM facilities to the KIX Alumni Association for live broadcasting during the weekend.  (12/24/2001--Reunion pictures and stories are now online at the reunion website.  A total success!  The on-air broadcasts during the reunion weekend were full of fun, energy, surprises, and memories).  (4/18/02--entire broadcast weekend now online as mp3 files).
28 July 2001--WHERE ARE THE MISSING WAKE JINGLES???  A friend of mine has searched for WAKE jingles for more than 35 years!  To date, only the CRC #8 package and a couple of other short bits have been found.  The various jingle packages are, at this point, simply "missing".  The search has covered the globe.  We feel that someone out there either has the original reels (or good dubs) or knows the possible whereabouts of them.  Though there have been contacts, also, with some of the former station personnel thru the years, none of those people have been able to offer any clues.  Can YOU help us locate this extensive collection of missing jingles (or any part thereof)?  Any information you can share will be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me.
28 July 2001--OUR RADIO SHOW--One of the most exciting contributions to the archival history of Top-40 Radio is in the making presently.  It's a long, but very interesting, story how the project began and progressed, and that story will unfold in the pages of Our Radio Show, a joint production by Mr. Bob Whitney and Mr. Bob Todd.  I've been privileged to follow the development of this "work in progress" since its inception in 2000.  Our Radio Show is far from complete, and many of the links are not yet active.  However, there's already an exciting collection of stories and audio online, as well as a site outline, so you can see what's coming.  ENJOY!!  And don't forget to bookmark the site and check back often.  (12/24/2001--all things good are worth waiting for--this is a mammoth project, and it understandably is running a little behind schedule--further updates will be coming soon). 
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