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NEW ORLEANS, ca. 1953  (Page 2).
--Colonial Hotel Courts, actually in Montgomery, Alabama, where we stayed one night on the way to New Orleans
a Southern Belle in a New Orleans courtyard as depicted in an early 50's tourist guidebook.  Exploitation of females?  But weren't they (and aren't they) willing participants in the "myth"?  For the answer to this question,visit Natchez during the Spring Pilgrimage of Homes.
--yet another sort of exploitation for tourists in the South in the 50's. (Images much like this one are still readily available and are sold as post cards even today).
--The S.S. President on which we took a night river cruise.
--world famous Blue Room at The Roosevelt Hotel where we saw Peter Lynde Hayes and Mary Healey do their routine.  WWL broadcast live from this supper club frequently in the evenings.
--"They got french moss hangin' from a big oak tree, down the Mississippi, down in New Orleans"  (actually, that's "spanish" moss, an airplant in the pineapple family).  This scene from the early 50's shows how thick the moss could be in those days..  More recently, moss in many parts of the South is skimpier than before, probably a result of air pollutants.
--Mardi Gras, the same today as yesterday, timeless; this shot is late 40's, early 50's.  Notice the men's hats bottom foreground.  We were in New Orleans just after the big celebration in 1953.
1960's NEW ORLEANS .
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