FARRINGTON & COMPANY  (Atlanta, GA)--My business site (if you must know more about me).

THE WILHELM FURTWANGLER SOCIETY of AMERICA  (Bay Area, CA)--."established to provide informal educational services about Wilhelm Furtwangler's unique contribution to musical culture."  I am proud to be a long-time member and enjoy, in particular, collecting this great composer/conductor's war-time recordings.

TV PARTY  (Greensboro, NC)--Billy Ingram hosts this fabulous retro site from my hometown.  You'll get lost in memories here, guaranteed! .Lots and lots of video clips.

EARTHSTATION1--Jim Kaelin's HUGE site of world history thru images, audio, and video.  Unbelievable!

JAVA PERPETUAL CALENDAR--Michael Bertrand's invaluable tool for helping to date old airchecks--or for whatever reason you might want to know on which day of the week a particular date fell on (or will fall on) in any year.

EASTER DAY CALENDAR--when was Easter (or when will it be?) in any year past or in the future?

INTELLICAST--in my opinion, the BEST weather site for national, regional, and local radar.

NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE--in my opinion, the BEST weather site for forecasts, current weather synopses, real-time watches and warnings in text form (on a red screen).

STORM PREDICTION CENTER--detailed maps, forecasts, and current status of any severe weather predictions, watch boxes, and warnings. 

NATIONAL HURRICANE CENTER--track the storms and check the latest tropical forecasts and developments.




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--created 10 April 2001