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The majority of the jingles in my collection were given to me on reels in late 2000 by a very generous donor who no longer wanted to keep them but at the same time wanted to make sure they found a suitable home.  This gift consisted of approximately 150 reels of tape, some of which were demo or reference packages in original boxes; the majority of the reels were dubs from various sources, and audio quality ranged from original to fair.
I speak of these in the past tense, because many of these reels have now been restored and  "cleaned up" (where needed) and transferred over to CD--my sincere thanks to
Jay Marks and Ted Tatman for their enthusiasm and hard work in completing this huge task.  The restoration process has corrected/minimized some of the glaring deficiencies contained on some of the reels, such as one-channel recording, hiss, hum, etc.  The new cd transfers are in keeping with the spirit and the audio intentions of the original studio recordings insomuch as possible, though many of these are in mono rather than stereo.

Some jingles in my collection were obtained from sources other than the aforementioned donor.  I've indicated those by assigning source codes.  The source codes consist of 4 letters enclosed in parentheses, such as (aabb), and appear in the notes column, if applicable.  I use source codes mainly as a way to keep track of origins of the material in my collection. 

On the collection lists I've indicated a length for each item (if that item is on a cd).  This might be helpful particularly in determining whether a series package is full or
  (that information is shown if I know it, but many times I don't know, as I am no jingles expert). 

Jingles I have on cd reflect reference numbers prefaced by the letter "c".  Jingles still on
reflect reference numbers prefaced by the letter "r", and those on cassettes carry just 3-digit numbers.  As I transfer the few remaining reels and cassettes to cd over an extended period, I'll replace the reel and cassette reference numbers with cd reference numbers. 

Some of the jingles herein are very rare.  Many are not so rare. 

I've assigned grades to many of the items.  The evaluations are purely subjective:

                      A+ =  original company reel or a transfer to cd from original company reel                                    or original station reference master
                      A   =  excellent audio, near pristine, though may not be in stereo
                      A-  =  overall excellent audio; perhaps some minor drops on some highs or
                                a quick dropout in isolated spots; may not be in stereo
                      B   =  somewhat muddy or other deficiencies

* * *Please note that my interest in collecting jingles is, at this time, very limited (prior to 1975 and mostly of stations and/or packages relating to some of the Southern tier of states--from North Carolina southward and across to Texas--and some of the more obscure recordings, such as local production material, from these same areas).  I'll gladly trade jingles for airchecks and/or video on my "want list" and visa-versa. 

Please also read "About Trading" (more FAQ's) for other pertinent info.  
* * *Do YOU know the whereabouts of the many missing WAKE (1340 Atlanta) jingles?
If so, please let me hear from you!

All jingle materials are copyrighted by their respective companies and/or current license-holders and may not be used in any commercial endeavor. 
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