Music Radio Miscellaneous

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Interviews:PaulAllen,TaylorGreen 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC-exclusives w/Wilburn Bros., Ray Price, Bill Anderson, Stonewall Jackson 23 paal* c-241
Interviews:PaulAllen,TaylorGreen 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC--exclusives w/HerbAlpert, Jimmy Rogers, Al Hirt, Cy Zentner, PeterPaul&Mary 38 paal* c-242
Interviews:TomMiller,TaylorGreen 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC-exclusives w/Porter Waggoner, Loretta Lynn, Merle Travis, Jimmy Newman 30 paal* c-241
Musical Shows Nov. 30, 1953 "The Voice of Firestone"--25th anniv. prog.; Rise Stevens, Eleanor Steber, et al 60 comm* 222
Musical Shows Sept. 1953 "The Three Chimes of NBC", Dave Garroway hosts-orig. compositions on the trademark theme 30 comm* 224
Musical Shows Apr. 4, 1948 "A Question of Pianos"-appeal for NY Catholic charities-w/ B. Hope, B. Crosby, J. Durante--WNBC NYC 30 comm* 224
Musical Shows 1939 The Pickard Family--barndance, gospel--XERA Del Rio, TX--from transcription discs 15 zmar 322
Musical Shows 1945 The Grand Ole Opry--one show 30 comm* 259
Musical Shows 1942 The National Barn Dance--one show 30 comm* 259
Musical Shows 1940's-1950's (1986) preview tape to "Saturday at the Shamrock" ABC bdcasts from Houston's Shamrock Hotel; clips, history 30 comm* 261
Musical Shows 1948-1949 Arthur Smith's Crackerjacks--trans. WBT, Charlotte--shows from 9/19 & 9/20, 1948; 4/15 & 4/18, 1949 60 zmar 282
Musical Shows 1950 Arthur Smith's Carolina Store--trans. WBT, Charlotte--2 shows from 1950 30 zmar 285
Musical Shows 1952 Arthur Smith's Corner Store--trans. WBT, Charlotte--shows from 11/13, 11/14, 11/17, 11/18 in 1952 60 zmar 269
Musical Shows 1952 Arthur Smith's Corner Store--trans. WBT, Charlotte--shows from 11/19, 11/29, 11/24, 11/26 in 1952 60 zmar 274
Musical Shows Sept. 15, 1952 Carolina Hayride w/ Arthur Smith and the Crackerjacks--trans. WBT, Charlotte--fair condition 30 zmar 284b
Musical Shows late 1950's Old Dominion Barn Dance--fair condition (2 shows) 20 zmar 284a
Musical Shows early 1940's Oklahoma Round-Up (partial show) 10 zmar 284a
Musical Shows 1952 Arthur Smith's Corner Store--trans. WBT, Charlotte--shows from 11/10, 11/11 in 1952 30 zmar 285
Musical Shows Sept. 25, 1950 Jack Baker-country and western-NBC Chicago 30 rakm 406a
Musical Shows Mar. 1946 Teen Town--ABC--2 shows 15 min. each--3/9/1946, 3/23/1946 30 rakm 406b
Musical Shows Dec. 25, 1944 Christmas on the Blue (Blue Network) 120 rakm 407, 408
Musical Shows 4/29/1977 Nightbird & Co. w/Allison Steele--guest Rick Wakeman--National Guard Program 25 ebus 445a
Musical Shows 6/5/1977 Nightbird & Co. w/Allison Steele--guest Jonathan Edwards--National Guard Program 25 ebus 445b
Musical Shows 7/4/1970 American Top 40 w/Casey Kasem--1st show as rebroadcast 7/5/1975 (Part 1 of 2) 90 yeka 454
Musical Shows 7/4/1970 American Top 40 w/Casey Kasem--1st show as rebroadcast 7/5/1975 (Part 2 of 2) 90 yeka 455
Musical Shows 3/27/1947 "Collegians" singing group KNOK Ft. Worth, TX (included with other KNOK programming total tape 60') 15 zmar 475
Musical Shows 4/00/1979 WXRT-fm simul. WTTW Ch. 11, Chicago--"Soundstage" w/JeanLucPonty, Pearlman, D. Kershaw-unscope 60 coda* r7-004
Musical Shows Nov. 21, 1976 Allison Steele--Army Reserve program with guest Bonnie Bramlett 25 chve* 538b
Musical Shows 1950 Saturday at The Shamrock KXYZ Houston/ABC network 1st Anniversary 30 jcfe* c-192
Musical Shows 1952 Saturday at The Shamrock KXYZ Houston/ABC network Humphrey Bogart sings 30 jcfe* c-192
Musical Shows 1946 WSM Grand Ole Opry --15 minutes from one show 15 noav c-207
Musical Shows 1971 "Drug Forum" with Dr. Stanley Einstein--not a musical show, but a public service program WJDX-fm 27 worb* c-221
Musical Shows 10/27/1968 WWL New Orleans--Mull Singing Convention from Knoxville, TN--popular southern gospel show 34 ruwe* c-265
Musical Shows 1950's KFCK Sacramento transcribed--Billy Jack Wills Show (1 show) (mp3) 15 crma cdr-267
Musical Shows ca. 1931 KPHS Hot Springs, AR transcribed Light Crust Dough Boys (3 shows) (mp3) 3x15 crma cdr-267
Musical Shows ca. 1940 AFRS--Melody Round Up Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (1 show) (mp3) 15 crma cdr-267
Musical Shows ca. 1940 AFRS--Melody Round Up Hank Penny (2 shows) (mp3) 2x15 crma cdr-267
Musical Shows 1939 KXOL(?) Ft. Worth, TX-- Pat O'Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys (28 shows) (mp3) 28x15 crma cdr-267
Musical Shows 1947 WHHT Durham, NC (a Thoms station)-Friendly Four Quartet (poor) (from old disc) 14 rode* c-274
Musical Shows 3/00/1966 KAZZ-fm Austin, TX--The 13th Floor Elevators live from The New Orleans Club, Austin; includes id's 30 crma c-303
Musical Shows 1939 KXOL (?) Ft. Worth, probably transcribed--Pat O'Daniel and His Hillbilly Boys (3 shows) 3x15 cmra c-303
Musical Shows 5/27/2002 DK Show-("Officer") Don Kennedy--transcribed show of big band music (original station cd) 57 teta* c-343
Musical Shows 4/8/1946 KXLA Los Angeles--Harmony Homestead w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 645a
Musical Shows 4/8/1946 KXLA Los Angeles--Dinnerbell RoundUp w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 645b
Musical Shows 1/9/1948 KRKD Los Angeles--Cowboy Hit Parade w/Cliffie Stone (2 separate shows) 60 aami 646
Musical Shows 7/3/1949 KRKD Los Angeles--Record Party w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 647a
Musical Shows 3/10/1949 KFVD Los Angeles--Record Corral w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 647b
Musical Shows 1/10/1948 KFI Los Angeles--Rhythm Ranch w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 648a
Musical Shows 12/11/1948 KXLA Los Angeles--Country Barn Dance w/Cliffie Stone 30 aami 648b
Non-Radio/Concerts Mar.20, 1971 The Allman Brothers Band The Warehouse New Orleans, LA audience recording 130 gsyo 442a, 443
Non-Radio/Concerts Jan. 31, 1971 The Allman Brothers Band Fillmore West San Francisco, CA audience recording 90 gsyo 444
Non-Radio/Concerts 5/00/1979 WHBQ's "Q's Brothers"--soundcheck for live performance at Cotton Carnival--w/Mphs session players 30 gooj* 534
Non-Radio/Misc undated The Allman Brothers Band "Idlewild South" outtakes 45 gsyo 441b
Non-Radio/Misc 1970 "Basement Jams" Eric Clapton w/The Allman Brothers Band (fair quality) 60 yeka 485
Production Material Feb/March 1961 spots--various--WCAO, Baltimore; WCOP, Boston; WMPS, Memphis--Plough Stations 11 zmar 182b
Production Material late 1960's WPET 950 Greensboro, NC--assorted id's, news stagers, sign-on, sign-off by Tom Armshaw, owner 6 noav* 375a
Production Material 1961 1961 spot, 1959 aircheck demo by Tom Armshaw in New York 5 noav* 375b
Production Material 10/00/1972 WMVA Martinsville, VA--call-in drops from various dj's incl. John Leader & Wolfman, Bill Watts 1st anniv. 3 coda* r5-007
Production Material 1966 WSB-fm Atlanta, GA spots and promos 30 gurm 594b
Production Material 1967-1969 WKIX 850 Raleigh, NC various tracks from transcription discs (airchecks,ads, etc) 5 nneg 600b
Production Material 1946 WPTF Raleigh--short station break from transcription disc 1 nneg 600b
Production Material 1994 WPET Greensboro, NC--liners (gospel-inspiration) 10 noav* r5-098
Production Material 1971 WJDX-fm (WZZQ) Jackson, MS (progressive format)--local merchant ads; album release promos (cool!!) 78 worb* c-222
Production Material mid-late 1970's WZZQ Jackson, MS (progressive)--local merchant ads, station promo--(some VERY cool!!) 34 worb* c-223
Production Material early 1970's WJDX-fm (WZZQ) Jackson, MS (progressive format)--various local production,ads, out-takes 61 worb* c-224
Production Material early 1970's newspaper commercials spots--Chicago Today, Dayton Daily News, NY Daily News, Toronto Star, etc 28 worb* c-225
Production Material late '60's-early '70's WJDX-fm (progressive)--variety of local ads, station production, news stories, short airchecks 58 worb* c-231
Production Material early 1960's WAKE Atlanta--local ads Sears, Funtown, Atlantic Discount Center, Tastee-Freeze, etc (from disc) 14 neap* c-013
Production Material early 1960's WAKE Atlanta-station promos: dj, news, traffic, survey sheet spots 7 neap* c-012
Production Material early 1960's WAKE Atlanta--various jingles, spots, promos 13 neap* c-052
Production Material early 1960's WAKE Atlanta--various jingles, spots, promos 17 neap* c-053
Production Material 1960's COKE ADS--Pet Clark, Troggs, Box Tops, Leslie Gore, Sonny & Cher, Moody Blues, New Vaudeville Band 18 mnhc c-023
Production Material 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC-exclusive drop-ins by country/western artists recorded at local venue 9 paal* c-241
Production Material 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC--Rick(Rigdon)Dees self-promo spots;PAMScustom dj; country/western format 3 paal* c-242
Production Material 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC--exclusive drop-ins: EddieArnold, DonGibson,DaveGardner,JuneCarter et al. 20 paal* c-242
Production Material 1966 Rick (Rigdon) Dees & Paul Allen messin' around in the production room of WGBG Greensboro, NC 6 paal* c-242
Production Material 1966 WGBG Greensboro, NC-exclusive drop-ins by various country/western artists at local venue 15 paal* c-242
Production Material ca. 1971 WBAG Burlington, NC--station production ads for car dealerships, etc. 16 paal* c-249
Production Material 1973 WBAG Burlington, NC--station production ads for car dealerships, etc. 26 paal* c-261
Production Material 1957 Thoms Stations WCOG, WAYS, WKLM, WEAM--"Downbeat" format stagers (RayConiff "S'Wonderful") 18 paal* c-268
Production Material 1947 WHHT Durham, NC (a Thoms station)--sign-off incl. "Nighty Night Until Tomorrow" (poor) (from old disc) 3 rode* c-274
Production Material 1947 WHHT Durham, NC (a Thoms station)-- Farm Hour opener (poor) (from old disc) 1 rode* c-274
Production Material Late 1970's WKOR Starkville, MS--clever sign-off (Gary Burbank) 2 ruwe* c-304
Production Material 2/00/1960 KSLY San Luis Obispo, CA--"Downbeat" stagers--carbon-copy of Thoms production 3 stro* c-315
Production Material 1980 WDXB Chattanooga, TN--"choo-choo" id (recorded from radio) 1 daca* c-316
Production Material 1971 WFLI Chattanooga, TN--"The New FLI" id (recorded from radio) 1 daca* c-316
Production Material unknown Jack Armstrong (John Larsh)--sample of his "fast talk" 1 paal* c-317
Production Material Summer 1969 COKE ads (37 tracks) 66 rode* c-329
Production Material 1974 WJDX Jackson, MS--Lamar Evans news and public affairs demo-- 16 jama* c-336
Production Material 1971 KPPC-fm Los Angeles--production reel 1971 60 mica* c-347
Production Material 1960's/1970's AFVN various spots, psa's, show openers, news bloopers, newsclips of AFVN censorhip of the news 18 paka* cdr-348
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1957-1959 WCOG Greensboro, NC-1969, fmr. engr. Don Harris discusses Thoms takeover--incl. jingles, airchecks 24 htcs 206a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1976 Atlanta Radio Scan by American Airchecks magazine 45 htcs 206a,b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1977 WGBG 1400 Greensboro, NC-narr. Paul Allen 15 neap* c-015
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1996-1998 WNNX Atlanta 99-X--It IS Brain Surgery; best of morning bits; no music, all funny stuff 144 comm* c-054
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1939 Excerpts--XERA, Del Rio, TX--assorted including Dr. Brinkley, the Pickard Family 30 zmar 322
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation July, 1979 A Look at Morning Teams--Ross & Brittain of Z-93 Atlanta; Hudson & Bauer of KFMB--narr. Tom Plant 60 comm* 263
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation July, 1980 Around the Dial #46--WMKC, Oshkosh; WQXIfm, Atlanta; WPGC, Washington; others 60 comm* 270
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Nov. 1983 Around the Dial #86--WMAR; WQUE: WKIX; London Pirates; others 60 comm* 260
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Sept. 1977 Around the Dial #12--WXLO; WIND; WQXI; others 60 comm* 267
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Mar. 1982 Around the Dial #66--WXKS; WJJYfm;WLS; others 60 comm* 266
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated The Crescent City Dial--radio in New Orleans--narr. The Byrdman 60 comm* 268
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation May, 1978 The Dixie Dial--radio in the South 60 comm* 257
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation various WTQX, Selma, AL (1970); KPOI, Honolulu (1969); KGMQ, Honolulu (1975); KWJJ, Portland, OR (1970) 30 comm* 154
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Apr. 1985 The Last Days of KAAY--narr. David Blair 60 comm* 272
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Feb. 6, 1981 The Big Ape Goes Country--WAPE's switch to country featuring the Greaseman--narr. John Quincy 60 comm* 273
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1968-1972 The Golden Age of Underground Radio, v. 1-Tom Donahue on KSAN; airchecks and re-creation 70 comm* c-045
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1952-1964 Red, Hot, and Blue--Dewey Phillips bdcsts on Memphis radio-- 60 comm* c-049
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1998 WXTB Tampa-synd--Bubba Wanna Corndog--best of Bubba the Love Sponge--voice clips, no music 121 comm* c-043
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Summer 1967 WSGN Birmingham, AL--presentation for Robert Eastman Co.--Jim Taber, narr.--humorous & Southern 20 wesr 173b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 4/00/1999 Bob McClay tribute at his death--prod. Norm Davis, KYA and played at a gathering of co-workers 15 ccjo* 336a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 10/23/1972 New Orleans dial-scan, featuring WIXO; WNOE; WTIX; KGLA (Gretna, La.) 90 wesr 345
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1968-1971 The Golden Age of Undergroud Radio, v. 2-B. Mitchell Reed on KMET, Los Angeles-airchecks and re-crea 70 comm* c-057
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated Man From Mars pres & demo--incl. WKBW, WXYZ, WTVN, WNOE, WOHO, CKLW, KFWB,WQAM 74 neap c-071
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation ca. 1973 (?) WXLW "Balls" promo; WXLW "Uncontest" promo--Indianapolis--with commentary by competing station 33 neap c-078
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated "Screamers"--Aircheck Factory presentation POOR AUDIO--one channel on most of tape 60 ebus 365
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1972 WPET 950 Greensboro, NC--comp. By Tom Armshaw, owner--southern gospel 10 noav* 375a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1994 WPET 950 Greensboro, NC--comp. By Dave Compton 12 noav* 375a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation early 1970's CKLW Windsor/Detroit--Profile Part 1 of 2 42 ntsm 395b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation early 1970's CKLW Windsor/Detroit--Profile Part 2 of 2 plus jingles 23 ntsm 396a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 5/22/1997 WNEW-fm Allison Steele Tribute 71 pheg 392
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation ca. 1992/1993 reunion of WKIX Raleigh jocks on WTRG-fm Raleigh--great look back on KIX of the early and late 60's! 90 dess 390
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Sept. 1986 KLIF Dallas--Tribute to Gordon McLendon--Part 1 of 2 90 zmar 403
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Sept. 1986 KLIF Dallas--Tribute to Gordon McLendon--Part 2 of 2 60 zmar 404
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1998 Radio's Revolution and the World's Happiest Broadcasters-story of Todd Storz told by RW Fatherley 84 comm* 258
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated History of the R&R DJ--Aircheck Factory production 60 zmar 412a,b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1969 Dick Cavett Show--audio from tv--Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Airplane, Crosby/Stills/Nash 20 zmar 414b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1974 Programer's Digest WMAK, WLAQ, KTAC 22 neap c-105
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1974 Programer's Digest KFRC (Don Rose), KKDJ (Charlie Tuna), WNBC (Imus), KJR 27 neap c-106
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1972 Programer's Digest various 1972 80 neap c-107
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1973 Programer's Digest various 1973 (few skips on original vinyl disc) 80 neap c-108
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Nov. 28, 1976 KLYX ClearLakeCity/Houston Hank Moore interviews Dick Clark 30 zmar 438a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1970 WPLO-fm Atlanta, GA Ed Shane interviews Duane Allman 25 gsyo 441a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 8/00/1979 Atlanta Listen-In narrated Jeff Leonard dial-scan Aircheck Factory 60 faca* 459
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 11/00/1983 The Dallas Dial narr. Wayne Elliot Aircheck Factory (part 1 of 2) 60 faca* 460
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 11/00/1983 The Dallas Dial narr. Wayne Elliot Aircheck Factory (part 2 of 2) 60 faca* 461
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1978 Lone Star Dial (Texas dial scan) narr. Maria Blair ("squelch" from original throughout) (part 1 of 2) 60 faca* 462
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1978 Lone Star Dial ("squelch" from original throughout, but listenable) (part 2 of 2) Aircheck Factory 60 faca* 463
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 2/00/1979 D.C. Dial (dial scan Washington, DC) narr. Jay Philpott Aircheck Factory 60 faca* 464
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1978 History of FM Progressive Rock KMET, Los Angeles w/Jim Ladd (part 1 of 3) 3 of 6 parts available 180 zmar 476--478
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 9/00/1986 Tribute to Gordon McLendon from a once-competing station!! KVIL Dallas w/ Ron Chapman, et al 45 keno* 481a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1972 WKIX 850 Raleigh, NC profile 6 nneg 498a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1972 WBT Charlotte profile 6 nneg 498a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 7/28/1973 WLAC Nashville John R. Richbourg retires Programmer's Digest presentation 8 nneg* 501a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1973 Southern dial sample WAPE,WGTO,WGOW,WDXB,WIFE,WVLD Programmer's Digest 12 nneg* 501a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 12/00/1976 original Southeast Top 40 dial-scan Jacksonville,Daytona,Miami,Ft. Lauderdale,Atlanta,WinstonSalem 15 nneg* 501b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 12/00/1982 WPTF Raleigh-Bill Hoke Jimmy Capps and "Our Best to You" show (musicforloversonly); died 1967 60 dess* 503
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1971 original composite Atlanta scan WQXI, WIIN, WPLO, WRAS, WQXI-fm, WIGO (fair audio) 5 coda* c-179
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1965-1970 Best of AFVN--professional montage/composite with commentary 29 smra* c-117
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated Ken Mills talks about Midwest fm radio (underground, AOR) in "Skywave Rider" 36 yeka 530a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Jan. 7, 2001 WKTK, Gainesville, FL--The Radio Show-/Bob Todd--guest Bob Whitney,K.Burkhart, R.Shaw,et al (Part1) 90 zmar* 542
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Feb. 25, 2001 WTYX, Jackson, MS--Toons till Two w/Perez--tribute to David Adcock who died 2/21/2001 360 self* 547-50
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation undated Interview w/Paul Bottoms AFVN on Dallas radio; re-listen to AFVN from 4/21/1969 21 csmj 564b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1968/1969 AFVN--bloopers,out-takes, some x-rated and unauthorized 43 csmj 565b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Apr. 1993 WLUP Chicago--Tribute to Muddy Waters--w/Bob Gelms (formerly of WXRT) 90 kbuc 588
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1980 WQXI am/fm Atlanta, GA--incl.25thAnniversary promos (b. 1948), airchecks, bits 90 gurm* 599
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 3/18/1983 KLOS Los Angeles 95.5---Tribute to B. Mitchell Reed 45 ebus 613a
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1/15/1968 WCHL Chapel Hill, NC--15th anniv. With Ty Boyd, Charles Kurault, others; great look back 45 bbro 618a, b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 5/00/1992 WPET Memories--25th Anniversary radio special--Southern Gospel format produced by Dave Compton   noav* r7-061
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1973-1974 Programer's Digest--WNOE(1960); WFLI Chattanooga, WNOE NewOrleans, WJDXJackson, MS 60 nneg* 626
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 9/21/2001 WKIX 850 Raleigh, NC Third reunion broadcast on WPTF 680--mostly unscoped 360 nneg* 627-632
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1988 Around the Dial #118 (Aircheck Factory) with John Quincy--WKQB, WRQX, KWNZ, WZGC 62 ttde* c-198
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation ca. 1998 The Last Days of WNBC (Radio Boys) 74 ttde* c-199
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1998 WNBC Time Machine Retrospective (Radio Boys) 73 ttde* c-204
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 11/20/1986 WBIG Greensboro, NC--last 30 min. on air after 60 yrs of service--DustyDunn, Lloyd Gordon---poignant 32 noav* c-207
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 11/20/1986 WFMY-TV Greensboro, NC--lead story WBIG Radio goes off the air after 60 yrs of service 5 noav* c-207
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1975-1977 KNOW Austin--Gil Garcia, The Moose, Randall McKee, Jason Wayne, Wild Bill Mayne, Bobby Chase 29 asad* c-220
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1969 WJDX-fm self-produced profile "The Quest for Reality"--one of nation's first "underground" format station 7 worb* c-231
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation June, 1975 comp.: KFML Denver, KNUS Dallas, KRE, KSAN, KTIM San Rafael--from road trip by David Perkins(WZZQ) 57 worb* c-233
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1986 WVOK Birmingham--Dan Brennan recollects "the old days" of Brennan radio (WVOK, WBAM, WAPE) 20 wesr 186
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1971 KCBQ San Diego--The Last Contest 25 paal* c-258
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation ca. 1971 WCBX Eden, NC--station profile by Paul Allen, Bob Green (top 40) 3 paal* c-261
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation Fall 1970 WBAM Montgomery, AL station profile 13 ruwe* c-263
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1993 WYDE Birmingham, AL--tribute to Joe Carl, replay of aircheck from 9/01/1959 31 ruwe* c-265
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 2/16/2002 KNOW Austin, TX--chronology presentation of station played at KNOW/KCSW reunion 13 milu* c-266
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1971 Bootleg Top 40, v.1 58 rode c-271
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1972 Bootleg Top 40, v.2 44 rode c-272
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1973 AFVN-Saigon--a history and profile of AFVN--Scott Manning 33 paka* c-296
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 2002 Demo disc-Big Band Jump (2-hr.wkly. synd)--program excerpts--("Officer") Don Kennedy 50 teta* c-344
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 6/16/1967 KBLA Los Angeles--Dave Diamond--last show and includes change of format and calls to KBBQ 180 gapf 653-654
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1991 WHBQ Memphis--a tribute to Sid Leake, for years a great station newsman 90 ruwe* 662a,b
Profile/ Composite/ Presentation 1/31/1966 KNOE-fm Monroe, LA--inaugural broadcast; ex-Governor Noe (station owner) speaks to audience 20 ruwe* 662b
Serials 1970's "Chickenman"--episodes #61-80 60 bbro 620
Serials early 1970's The Adventures of the O.B. Ranger, v.1--short serial bits on XHIS, San Diego--"far out; groovy" appr. 70 comm* c-058
Survey Lists 1957-1962 KYA San Francisco-appr. 26 assorted surveys (photostats)-some "marked-up" 0 neap 0
Survey Lists 1959-1963 WAKE Atlanta-appr. 54 assorted surveys (photostats)-including the last one ever published 0 neap 0

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