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A very big Thank You to Robert Read for creating a DJ TimeLine chart of all known dj's at WAKE.  This valuable document was compiled from the combined survey collections of Robert Read and Paul Allen, making the time-line of dj's nearly complete from August, 1958 up to the end of the Top-40 days in late 1963.  Unfortunately, the years prior to 1958 remain somewhat of a mystery.  This chart has been an important source for both determining certain dates and events, as well as corroborating them.  (It may not, however, be totally complete, especially in the case of "weekender" dj's, and it's possible that a very few others could be missing as well). 
(The DJ TimeLine below is an html file converted from Excel.  To view all information on the chart, you will have to scroll horizontally as well as vertically.  After the file opens in your browser, temporarily use a full screen view by closing any "favorites" or "search" sidebar you have open on the left side of your screen, then choose "smallest" in the"size" setting on your browser toolbar.  Doing these things will render much better viewing, though the document still might be somewhat tedious to study).    
DJ TimeLine
              Roster of DJ's and Personnel

This list is current as of 4/23/2003 and is arranged in no particular order.  It is by no means complete, and I haven't filled in all the dates yet.  Please advise of any discrepancies or missing names.  In many cases, only the air-name is known.  To complicate matters, it wasn't uncommon then (or now, for that matter) for the same air-name to be used by different dj's across the country at various times-- in some cases, even at the same time.  It also wasn't uncommon for some of the same air-names to be in use at different Bartell stations by different dj's at the same time and various times!  Which is to say it is difficult in some instances to determine the true identity of many of these dj's.

Profiles and/or other information will be posted in this section in the days ahead.  Also, a short rundown on "What happened to..........?".
Johnny Angel (1962-63)                                

Ron Bowen (1963)

Danny Daye (Johnny Hayes) (1961)

John J. Dark (1961-62)

Ken Keen (Al Evans, Jr.) (1960)

Stan Richards (Jack Walsh) (1959-62) (deceased)

Bid Causey (1959-61)

Bob Sandman (1960-61)

Bob McKee (1959-1963) (deceased)

Paul Drew (1961-63)

Bill Drake (Phil Yarbrough) (1958-61) (dj and program director)

Lucky Knight (1957; 1960-62)

Russ Knight (Russell Moore) ("The Weird Beard") (1960-61)

Gene Blaine (1957-58; 1960-63) (dj and program director)

Bob Baker (Bob Fincher) (1962-63)

Buddy Moore (1961-63) (dj and program director)

Ernie Phillips (1963)

Ricky Lane (Vic Aderhold) (1962-63)

Arch Yancey (1962)

George Griffin (1963)

Alan King (1962) (deceased)

Bob Ingle (1960-61) (student news)

Bob Brisendine (1957-58; 1963-64) (news director)

Jerry Appling (1963) (chief engineer)

Morton Wagner (1957- ) (general manager)

Jayne Swain (1957-61 ) (commercial manager; VP and general manager)

Fran Hamill (1957- ) (promotion manager)

Don Zuehlke (1957- ) (chief engineer)

Bill McCain (news) (deceased)

Johnny Grey (1958-59)

Ed Shane (news)

Bob Adams (Leonard Keene)  (1959)

Larry Brite (1959-60)

Mike Holiday (Mike Reineri) (1963) (deceased, 2003)

Mike Daye (1958)

Ed Sharpe (1958)

Dick Discoe (1959)

Miss WAKE (1959)

Randy Starr (1960)

Phil Sands (1960)

Hal Pickens (1963)

Martha Gerstin (1962) (secretary to general manager)

Lee Smith (1962) (general manager)

Ben Gunn (news)

Fred Lindstrom (1963) (news)

Les Crane (Stein) (earlier years)

Lisa Elder (1960) (now Lisa McDonough) (administrative assistant)

Ira Herbert (1962- ) (corporate principal; general manager)

Happy O'Day (1958) 

Rick Dark

Jeff Blake (1958)

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WAKE microphone
WAKE Hit Paraders, 1958
       (upsize in browser)
Inside the WAKE studios, 1961.  Artist renderings of Bid Causey, Bill Drake, Bob McKee, and Stan Richards--and The Golden
promo album. 
Bob McKee, 1961
Jerry Appling, WAKE's last chief  engineer.  (This photo made in 1991).
(see Surveys section for more photos of WAKE dj's.
All photos above courtesy of Paul Allen

WAKE Hit Paraders ad courtesy of Robert Read

Listing of names in the Roster of DJ's and Personnel was compiled from music surveys, airchecks, various print material, and correspondence with people, including some who were there.
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