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VPL'S (Very Pertinent Links)  *(collection and trading lists on-line)
*All's Wells That Ends Wells--Russell Wells (Savannah, GA) not only is a good friend, he also is a great broadcaster.  You'll need a coke and a bag of chips when you go here; very interesting, entertaining, and informative site just chock-full of many, many things.  Russell has a very extensive aircheck and video collection which is posted at his website, as well as
tribute pages to WSGN
, the famous Birmingham radio station.  More Alabama station tributes are forthcoming.  Thanks, Friend, for opening my eyes (or should I say ears) to this really great hobby which has become something more like an obsession.  And congratulations to Russell and Amy Inlow on their recent engagement early in 2000 and on their move from Troy, AL and Columbus, GA to Savannah.  New jobs, new city!  Wedding bells set to ring on January 6, 2001!  (Later:  ...and ring they did!!  We all had a great time at this joyous event).

FUNRADIO.NET--Charlie Rowe, Jr.'s (Moultrie, GA) site is dedicated to the glory days of Top 40 radio.  Here you'll find soundbytes of Charlie at the mike, pictures from his past, and some great bumper sticker and logo images from the stations where he worked (which include WAPE Jacksonville and WFUN Miami).  Why is this man smiling?  I don't know, but he sure keeps me LAUGHING!!

The WREK Site--Georgia Tech student station (Atlanta).  Here you'll find the interesting history of WREK since its beginning in 1968.  Ross Brittain is an alumnus of 91.1 FM.  Marshall Leach (see above) has been involved with the station since its inception.  Great alternative listening.

*Aaron Mintz' Radio/TV Archive--(South Deerfield, MA)--Aaron not only is a great friend but also for many, many years put on a long-running wonderful weekly radio show "Rock 'N Roll Memory Time" in Massachusetts.  There's a very extensive aircheck and audio trading list at his site.

*Gary Pfeifer's Radio Airchecks--(Phoenix, AZ)--Gary has a very nice collection list at his site featuring vintage mostly unscoped airchecks.

Uncle Ricky's Reel Top 40 Radio Repository--With literally hundreds of airchecks on-line in streaming audio, this is the place to experience Top 40 radio in all its glory.  This site is an on-line museum which is "listener-supported" through contributions.  Listen to the exhibits, then access the Comments under each one for more historical insight.  New sound files are added weekly, so return often.  And PLEASE consider a contribution to this most worthy endeavor to keep the memories of Top 40 radio alive.  Your host is Richard Irwin                      ("UncleRicky").

*Gary Zimak's Aircheck Collection--(Philadelphia, PA)--Gary has lots of Philadelphia area radio airchecks, but he also has a lot of "old time radio" programs and newscasts from a much earlier period.  Good stuff.

*Shannon's Tribute to Dallas Radio (KNUS.COM)--(Dallas, TX)--Mike Shannon has an evolving site which  recounts the histories of D/FW radio and tv stations.  I've had the pleasure to meet him on annual trips to Texas in 2000 and 2001.  What a pleasant guy!  We'll be eager to watch his site grow. 

The History of KLIF Radio--(Dallas, TX)--Steve Eberhart has done an amazing in-depth history of Gordon McLendon's famous station.  Lots to see and read here. Worth, TX)--John Lewis Puff's excellent tribute site to a great Metroplex top-40 station.  Sound bytes on-line.

Bob Walker's Original New Orleans Radio Shrine--(New Orleans, LA)--This extensive website gives outline histories of the frequencies and calls in New Orleans; big emphasis on  memoirs of WTIX "The Mighty 690"; lots of local New Orleans memories and culture.  Pure entertainment!  Congratulations to Bob Walker for continuing to create good New Orleans radio and for putting together such a great website--he is truly "Mr. Radio" in the Crescent City.

The Broadcast Archive--(Tucson, AZ)--Barry Mishkind's site explores lots of very early radio history and also includes good info about the technical side of broadcasting.  Interesting reading and a great research site. 

440 International--(Kailua, Hawaii)--Johnny Williams' site can in many cases answer your question:  "Where are they now?"  You'll find a very large database of current and former radio people--search by name, station, or city.  Excellent research site.

Broadcast-Airchex--A forum/newsgroup devoted to the hobby of aircheck collecting and trading, as well as other radio topics of interest.  Though anyone is welcome to read the posts, you must join the list to interact.  Here you will also find links to other collectors on-line, as well as links to other radio-related newsgroups. Long (Georgia)--Read radio-man John Long's most interesting and informative story "Puttin' on the Hits" which tells of his days in the radio industry throughout the South and other locales. 

Our Radio Show--a production by Bob Whitney (Nevada) and Bob Todd (Florida).  What happens when 2 "old" dj's become re-acquainted after 30 years?  You'll want to follow this wonderful story, so please bookmark the site and check back often for additions.   Our Radio Show is a work in progress, but you may capture a sneak preview now (July 2001) before the site "goes public" later on.  LOTS of good surprises here!!

Radio Daily News--Larry Shannon (Dallas, TX) has created a site which is chock-full of radio news, guest columns, essays, and other great stuff.  You'll recognize many names from the present as well as the past.  Lots of discourse about old radio vs. the radio of today.  A very large and valuable links listing included.  Larry invites you to subscribe to his daily newsletter; the site is updated every day with lots of fresh and stimulating material.  This one gets a gold award.

*Norman Barrington's Radio Pages--(Scotland)--a fascinating look-back at the European "pirate stations" and Norman's days with Radio Caroline and others; large collection list of jingles and jingle-related reference tools. 

*Radio-Info--(New Jersey)--Lance Venta's site featuring regional radio message boards from around the country.  Also included is a listenable format-change section and links to traders who specialize in current radio and television airchecks.

Saint Louis Radio--(Missouri)--Frank Absher's great tribute to the stations (and their personalities) of a city rich in radio heritage.  Lots of very interesting history here.

BossRadioForever--(California)--Woody Goulart's massive well-written, well-researched, website in tribute to "Boss Radio".   (Lots and lots here about Bill Drake, too).  




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