I highly prefer unscoped airchecks where a choice is available.

MY AIRCHECK WANTS include (but are not necessarily limited to):

"Disaster" news airchecks, such as hurricane, tornado, earthquake--"as it happens".

Wolfman Jack and/or border radio (Monterrey, MX/Del Rio, TX)--1964 and back only.

Anything of WWVA (Wheeling, WVA)--early 60's back.

Anything of "The Mull Singing Convention" broadcast in Knoxville, TN--1970's back.

"The World Tomorrow" broadcasts with Garner Ted Armstrong.

"Underground" FM from ANY Southern* market--late 60's to mid-70's.

"Truckers' " shows broadcast overnight on WWL (New Orleans), WBAP (Fort Worth/Dallas), WBT (Charlotte)--the older the better.

Top 40 AM from many Southern* markets--1975 back preferred.

ANY AM/FM music stations from Dallas, TX--including "OUTLAW" format--1976-1978 ONLY.

Small-market AM/FM stations from some Southern* locations--personality-prone preachers, negro, etc.--older preferred but would consider more recent.

AFVN and any clandestine radio from the Vietnam era.

**I define "Southern" as:  Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and, yes, The District of Columbia(!)

If, after viewing my lists and my wants above, as well as considering your own lists and wants, you feel we might have a basis for trading, please contact me.  Please, also, feel free to let me know if you are looking for something in particular which I don't have--perhaps I can help and/or point you in another direction. 

References used in my aircheck databases:  The "code" column is really for my own use in cataloging and keeping up with trades.  The code indicates the source of a copy.  The designation "self" in this column indicates that I personally recorded the material.  A star (*) in this column indicates that the copy either is original or no more than first or second generation from the original.  Most everything in my collection is of good quality; I have tried to denote where this may not hold true. 

Designations under the "S, U" columnS=Scoped (music, at least, scoped).  U=Unscoped (all elements, including music, totally or near-totally intact).   CS=Partially Scoped and/or Edited (various elements missing, such as news, some spots, some of the music, because of editing, usually in the original.  The "feel" of the program is not harmed, however, and there's still ample intact music, jingles, etc.).

* * * * AIRCHECKS & JINGLES:  (Please note that jingles trades are suspended indefinitely).  I now can provide trades on CD and would much prefer that method; however, that's up to you.  Please note that audio I copy to CD for a trader is transferred "as is" from the source in my collection.  I don't have editing and audio restoration capabilities at this time.  In the short run at least, the CD-method would prevent my trade to you from suffering a further step toward audio deterioration (which is a certainty in the case that you prefer me to send your trades on tape).   I can, however, still provide trades on new brand-name tape only, such as Maxell UR and TDK D which are normal bias.  I do not use anything lower-grade than those, and I will not accept anything in trades lower-grade.  I will dub to high bias tape if requested and would expect the same (or cd) in return.  C-60 and C-90 are the only size tapes I use, and I will NOT accept larger sizes from traders unless a special situation and unless I am informed prior to trade.  I do realize there are rare instances where a larger-size tape makes more sense, and I myself have a relative little bit of audio which falls in that category. 

I do not incorporate Dolby B or C on dubs unless requested.

I will accept trades on metal tape, as I can play it back, but I cannot record to metal tape, except for regular high bias chrome tape.

I highly prefer you send me return trades on CD, if possible (properly "partitioned" if more than one program on a cd).  If that's not possible, then of course I gladly accept cassette tape, as discussed above.  Insofar as brand of CD, I send out material on audio-only cd but am unable to honor requests to use specific brands, as specific brands are too difficult to track down these days.  It's pot luck, except that I make sure whatever I buy always carries a well-known brand-name.  Any cd's I receive from you should be playable on a regular cd player.  I am not particular which brand you use, except no cheezy-cheapies, please, and no cd's that have already been used.  No MP3 or other non-audio cd's, please, without asking me first.  Thanks. 

I will need to know, when making trades, whether you want your trades sent to you on CD or on cassette tape.   PLEASE NOTE:  Copying a 90-minute taped aircheck from my collection to cd requires 2 cd's (because cd's capacity is only 80 minutes), usually about 45 minutes each disc.   At this time, I would count those 2 cd's as equal to one 90-minute tape from you (or, of course, 2 cd's, if you're sending me cd's), for trading purposes. 

If we initiate a trade, I need the following information about your requests: CITY, STATION, DATE, DJ, LENGTH, TAPE/ CD/ REEL #.

Please note:  I myself am not generally a collector of CURRENT airchecks. 

I am at this point extremely selective in my collecting efforts--a Northeast or California rarity might not be of interest to me anymore, but a Southern rarity most certainly would.  

I prefer to keep trades limited to a max of no more than 6 or 8 cd's or cassettes at any one time. I can ship cassettes either with or without the plastic cases, according to preference.  I do label the tapes and will send additional info along if the label on the tape is not sufficient or self-explanatory as to contents.  I usually send CD's out in special vinyl sleeves or special cd envelopes, not jewel cases (unless requested).  I ship them via 1st Class or Priority U.S. Mail.  A printed insert is included, if needed,  which details contents of a CD--I also write a description of the CD on its facing (using a permanent marker).

VIDEO:  I use only new brand-name quality videotape and almost always copy at Standard Speed, unless you specify otherwise  (slower speed greatly degrades quality).  As a guideline, and at this time, I feel that ONE videotape (2 hours) equals THREE cd's or TWO c-60/c-90 cassette tapes.  I realize that some traders have other ratio-guidelines, so I am willing to discuss this point if need be. 

Everything I send out in trades is "satisfaction guaranteed".  My simple rule is:  "If you're not happy with it for whatever reason, then I will replace it with something else".  I want traders to be HAPPY in their hobby with as few hassles as possible and without the horror stories we often hear.  Trading is meant to be an enjoyable event--as well as a trustworthy one.

My turnaround time is not the best in the world.  Many times I can run anywhere from 90-120 days, depending on spare time available to me and how many trades are pending.  I am being forthright about this.  I advise traders when we initiate a trade what sort of time-frame I need to do my part.  All trades must be placed on a docket because of the very limited time available to me for copying airchecks.   But good things are worth waiting for. 

First come, first served.

The materials in my collections are NOT FOR SALE.  So please don't think of asking.  I 
TRADE with serious collectors ONLY.  Sometimes, something suitable can be worked out with an individual who is very interested in the hobby but has little or nothing to trade.  In such a case, I welcome the inquiry but would agree to "work something out" only after careful consideration:  though nothing in the world gives me greater pleasure than spreading the joy of airchecks and jingles to others, there are severe constraints on my time; traders and
non-traders who substantially contribute
their knowledge, memories, and other appropriate
materials for inclusion at always come first on the dubbing docket.      

Please note that because of certain considerations and restrictions, some small amount of the material in my collections may not be available for trading.  I notify a trader upon receipt of the want list if anything being requested falls in this category. 








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