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The Covers
Kudzu covers, like the inside content of the papers themselves,  were generally provocative, imaginative, very timely.  Kudzu mirrored much of the same general youth culture phenomena and
"New Left"
politics common to other parts of the country--but it was a decidedly local paper, about Mississippi, by Mississippians, for Mississippians. 
(click on images for larger views.  In addition, all images on this page may be enlarged further for greater detail once image appears in new browser window). 
Left to right:   9-18-68 (first issue);  10-03-68;  12-09-68 (the Ruins of Windsor);   2-05-69.     
Left to right:  8-70;  9-70 (Jimmie Hendrix) (art by David Adcock);  12-70 (art by David Adcock);  3-71 ("Forty acres
a mule"). 
Left to right:  6-71 (Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young) (art by David Adcock);  2-29-72;  5-72 (last issue) ("Showboat's a-comin' " --for the last time).
The remaining 20+ covers will be posted in the Fall/Winter of 2003.
All cover images are from my complete (?)  personal collection of Kudzu. .
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