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Selling space in an underground publication in Jackson, Mississippi in the late '60's/early '70's wasn't the easiest of tasks.  There was the occasional larger-sized ad by Ampex or other audio equipment manufacturers, and there were one-liner personals and small ads for mail-order pipes, herbs, health food catalogs, etc.  Local boutiques and concert promotions provided the most graphically interesting advertising, though most of these were small 2 or 3 inch jobs.  Faced with insufficient advertiser support, Kudzu looked elsewhere for revenue, found it here and there, and continued to print....
(click on images for larger views.  In addition, some images on this page may be enlarged further for greater detail once image appears in new browser window). 
Left to right:  Vanilla Fudge concert (2 images), 3-69;  1st Atlanta Pop Festival, 6-69;  Edge City, 6-71 (artwork by David Adcock);  Delaney and Bonnie and Friends concert, 12-71 (ad in 1-72 issue) (artwork by David Adcock).  Aside from the fact that Delaney and Bonnie were "pure Mississippi", it seems somewhat unusual to me that a high-profile organization like the Mississippi Kidney Association would sponsor such a concert at this early-for-Mississippi point in time, considering that the artists, not to mention certain genres of concerts in general, were not yet quite "mainstream" and were still being associated with the "underground"  (at least in this corner of the country).  But such is the stuff which made Mississippi a land of interesting paradoxes.
Left to right:  WJDX-fm, 12-68;  WJDX-fm, 2-05-69;  WJDX-fm, 2-69.   This series of ads appeared over about a 6-month period in several issues beginning in the Fall of 1968 and ending in late Winter/Spring of 1969.  WJDX-fm was owned by Lamar Life Insurance Company, a conservative corporation which also owned WJDX-am and WLBT-tv through its Lamar Life Broadcasting arm.  The paradox here is that WJDX-fm sprang up in the most repressive state in the country and not only was "underground" but was one of the very first such stations in the entire nation (outside of NY and CA) and was owned by a truly conservative "establishment" company--this strange twist will unfold in more detail within the WJDX-fm pages at this website.   
Left to right:  WSSO Radio, Starkville, 12-69;  Coffee House-Head Shop, 6-69;  Oz Boutique, 10-69;  Zap Boutique, 10-70. 
Left to right:  Life Call Holy Foods, 10-70;  Cloud Boutique, 2-29-72;   North Street Imports, 5-72;  Oz Boutique, 5-72.
Left to right:  Pier 1,  1-72;   Potpourri, 1-72;   Water Works Well, 1-72;  Southern Comfort, 5-72.
more ads coming at a later date.
All ads are from my complete (?) personal collection of Kudzu. .
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